We are the professional wholesale supplier of the fresh Ginger products from the Netherlands.

Fresh Ginger:
The storage life is long and can be stored for 3years under the proper condition.
It is the fresh, yellow,plump,clean,smooth,shinny color,no pests and unspoiled.
1) Varieties:  A) Fresh ginger   B) Air-dried ginger   C) Clean, fat root, shine yellow color

2) Sizes: 100g, 150g and up; 200g and up; 250g and up; 300g and up; 350g and up
3) Supply period: All the year round 

1) Loose packing: 
A) 15kg/ carton 
B) 10kg/mesh bag 
C) 20kg/mesh bag 
2) Customized packing: According to clients’ requirements



Fresh ginger / Air dry ginger


100-150g, 150-250g, 250g, 300g or up.

As per buyers’ requirements



Clean surface, no insect pest, no stain, no sprout, no rotten, no mouldy, no pesticide thin skin, complete body, bright color and luster, yellow flesh, little fibre, moderate hot flavor, delicious taste for cooking, rich nutrition for human health. Long shelf life, can be up to more than 2 years when properly stored.

Suitable temperature: 12-13 degree.

Supplying time

All year round


Air-dried skin or washed clean


Should be preserved under normal temperature. Shandy cool and dry condition, and avoid direct sunshine irradiation.

Type: Ginger
Style: Fresh
Variety: Young Ginger
Cultivation Type: Common
Certification: KOSHER
Weight (kg): 25
Place of Origin: Netherlands
Brand Name: HF
Model Number: fresh ginger
color: yellow fresh ginger
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