ANCHISES B.V is one of the leading supplier of pork feet and by-products in Netherland. Permanent control of the production provides a stable quality of products that meet all requirements and norms of National standard of Netherland. In order to satisfy the clients’ needs we provide products that meet all the requirements: individual labeling, packaging and flexible delivery terms. Our company can offer a wide range of frozen pork, chicken and beef products. At the present time we pay a great attention to working with companies in Asia, China and Northern Africa.

We package in 20kg standard weight grey carton box
With a logo imprint and poly bag inside
secured with a blue strapping band with logo.
Carton dimension : 300 x 390 x 165 mm
Cartons No. on pallet : 9 layers with 8 cartons each (total 72 cartons on one way pallet) = 720 kg net each
40-ft FCL loading possibility : 1400 cartons / 28000 kg nett = maximum weight of the load

We Offer Premium Quality approved Frozen pork. Shipping to over 200 countries . We ship directly to all Asian ports, and we are registered to supply and deliver directly to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand , Malaysia and other countries.Frozen pork feet / pork hind feet / pig feet / pig hind feet – always supplied from Fresh produce.Top quality a grade, 100% health certified, prompt delivery and discount prices. contact us for full product details.

Available grade: Grade “A”.
– White skin
– No broken bones 0%
– Well cleaned and fresh
– No bruises
– No black pads or ammonia burns
– No bad smells
– No excessive blood or blood stains
– Moisture content is less than 3%
Front feet average length: – 17-18 cm/Piece
Front feet average weight: – 300-350g/piece

Hind feet average length:- 19-20 cm/piece
Hind feet average weight:- 400-450 g/piece

*Frozen Temperature:*
– Blasted at: minus 40 degrees Celsius
– Storage at: minus 20 degrees Celsius.
– Temperature during Transportation: minus 18 degrees Celsius

Packaging Details
1 Polly bags of 10kg each = 10kg per carton. We can also provide customized packing as required by buyer.

We are open to supplying small and large quantities of our quality products. So do not hasitate to contact us to get quality products and also at very good prices!!!!

Frozen Requirement :
Blast Frozen at -40o C
Stocked at -18o C

pork front feet average weight 300 -350 gr, length 17-18 cm.
pork hind feet average weight 400-450 gr, length 19-20 cm.
We supply frozen pork front/hind feet preliminarily cleaned from blood and contaminations and completely satisfy the sanitary requirements to treatment quality.The freezing of pork feet is made by shock technique up to the bone what gives the opportunity to stock the product in special terms for a long time not to be concerned about the loss of its value qualities.
All products are accompanied by all necessary (including veterinary) documents.
pork front feet average weight 300 -350 gr, length 17-18 cm.
pork hind feet average weight 400-450 gr, length 19-20 cm.

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