Carlsberg, bottle and can; Pasteurised. The 3.8% Europe lager sold under the standard green Carlsberg livery. The new gold liveried Carlsberg Export is the beer that is sold worldwide under the green livery. Abv reduced from 4% to 3.8%.
We offer a wide range of Carlsberg beer products
We offer a wide range of Carlsberg beer products packed in bottles and cans. We sell our beer products by full truck or container loads only.
Next to Carlsberg we offer many other beer brands. Please contact us for price and product details

Packaging Details
Standard Packaging
Pallets per FEU: 20
Boxes/ Cartons per pallet
Pallet measurements: 1×1.2×1.8
BBD: 11 Months
Lead Time : 10 Days

Shipping is 100% guaranteed and we offer great Discounts .
Estimated delivery time will be specified within a maximum
period of 2 days after order has been placed ,we can ship to the location of your desire.

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